Week 17 – The power of the Mastermind

Many eye openers this week.  All of the sits, readings and 3×5 cards are starting to pay off.  Allow me to start with a little red pencil.  When the smart goals were introduced, I had a written goal for making a certain number of calls each week for my home business.  I never took the action necessary to achieve those goals.  My reasoning (excuse) was that I wanted to complete Go90Grow first.  After discussing this with my Guide, I decided to leave that smart goal out of my daily reading.  The second red pencil comes from my lack of enthusiasm for master minding.  Not sure why, it just felt like something else I had to do.

The card that I read in the mirror for 50 minutes states “I attract smart, loyal, ambitious, loving people into my business by the thousands”.  Of course it’s the same card that sits on top of the pile that we shuffle.  I keep the pile by computer and read it several times a day.  In the last 2 weeks I’ve had 2 different people contact me about income opportunities.  I repeat, they came to me.  That’s a complete 180 from my past experiences.  This good fortune turned to total panic as I wasn’t sure how to proceed.  A good friend and fellow mkmma’er had been taking the Go90Grow and offered to meet my prospects with me.  He is not on my team and has nothing to gain financially by helping me. (Kindness)  He shared one simple concept from the Hero’s Journey.  I was stunned at the results.  When you ask someone what they want more of in life and what you want less of, prepare to be there for at least two hours.  It was a major game changer.  I saw these two prospects completely change their whole countenance in this process.  Rip Yegerman was able to take them from listing survival items to drawing out their own dmp.  They came alive.  One of them even cried.  He restored hope and faith in places that had long been dead.  It was absolutely amazing to watch.  Rip sincerely took notes on what they were saying and used all his training from Go90.  In both cases, the prospect felt his love and were ready to join the business before they even new what it was!!!  They were ready to go and they didn’t know the company, the product or the plan!!  Are you kidding me?????  What kind of magic is this?

It’s mkmma magic and its unbelievable.  This masterminding thing is huge.  I’ve since been keeping poor Rip up past midnight as we mastermind and I cannot fathom how much I’ve learned/realized in just the last 48 hours.  Rip sees things that are blatantly obvious to him but were completely hidden from me and vice versa.  It has been such a rich and exciting experience. I found out that some of my cement Buddha has come from my own company.  I’ve been putting up sales filters for a long time.  I’m giving myself permission to think on my own and there have been many revelations.  It’s incredible.  Love to all!

I wanted to share another act of kindness I saw this week


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