Week 19 – How deep does this rabbit hole go?

I’ve taken the red pill.  I took the red pill spiritually a few years back and it blew me away.  Through the Master Keys I’ve taken the red pill mentally and I’m blown away.  There is no explanation for so much that has happened.  And its happened in spite of me.  I’ve missed sits, I’ve missed readings and my blog is late again.  Yet these concepts are still all coming together.  The rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper.

I had scratched off the line ” I will make 1 call a day for my home based business” from my service card because I wasn’t doing it.  I also eliminated the line ” I workout everyday” for the same reason.  I saw no point in masterminding……..it was just something else I had to do.

This week, 3 new team members joined my business as a direct result of masterminding.  I made the calls and some actually called me.  My one sentence DMP card says ” I attract smart, loyal, ambitious, loving people into my business by the thousands.”  I’ve had 3 call already, and here’s the amazing part……I decided that I didn’t want to work with 2 of them.  This is huge and very freeing.  In the past I would beg anyone.  Now as the silent observer, I was seeing some characteristics that would not be a good fit for my new direction and I was actually grateful to find these things out prior to them joining my team.  This is an entirely opposite view and feeling from the old me.  I know what’s right, what I want, and I won’t compromise.  Everything is completely honest and from the heart.  And people sense it.  They engage in the hero’s journey to the point that 2 of them actually cried.  They sense the love and passion from my masterminding partner and myself and they are choosing to follow us before they even know the company or product.  When we arrive these people are scared, hurting, and feeling trapped into a rat race life style.  When we leave they have hope.  They are dreaming again.  They are making plans for their DMP’s.  It’s an incredible process to watch the transformation.  I feel so blessed to be a part of it.  It feels like I’m on the right track for my DMP.  As I witness such awesomeness, I feel like I’m part of something much larger than myself.  Like the God of the universe has specifically chosen me to carry out this mission on his behalf.  Rescuing others from the enemies lie that this is all their is.  This is life.  Quiet desperation.  It’s like I’m rescuing humanity. To set his children free to be who he created them to be.  Once I accepted this overwhelming purpose for my life, everything else seems to pale in comparison.  When I arrive home from a life changing, generational changing appointment, I’m so pumped and humbled that there is no temptation to watch tv/facebook/etc.  The red pencil has been put down.  Not only have I not missed a day at the gym, I look forward to it and really enjoy my time there.  My mind is at the gym instead of thinking about all the other things I should be doing.  Another miracle for me.

And finally the masterminding.  My partner and I agreed to team up and work together despite the fact that we are not on the same team, just on the same journey.  This again has been mind-blowing.  I could write three pages on the revelations that we have received.  Although we seem like the same kind of guys, he continues to see things that are totally foreign to me and vice versa.  Every time this happens, there’s a twitch in my soul and I instantly recognize truth or a lie that I was believing.  It then moves from the soul to the brain for that light-bulb moment.  He has spent countless hours with my prospects and not one of them realize that he has not one penny to gain.  How do you think they will respond when they realize this fact months down the road?  My partner is in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving.  Give more, get more.  How strong will that lesson be when we explain it to them?  And on that topic,  I find it more difficult to receive.  He has done much more for me than I for him.  I’ve always earned my way and am now accepting this gift and grace to chip off the cement of pride and ego.  I submit myself to go to these difficult places.  I’m all in. I took the red pill.  This rabbit hole is deep!!!!


5 thoughts on “Week 19 – How deep does this rabbit hole go?

  1. I can not explain the feelings, I can not explain the reality, I can not explain what is going on in my life yet I accept and welcome it! “How deep does the rabbit hole go” I just said…not an hour ago!!!??? Why did that come from my mouth…I can see still see the expression on your face asking me what… why did I just say that. The title of your blog you say…no I did not see it…why did I say it? There is something so far above …around us…I don’t know what it is…did we attract it? I’m loving it and I am loving where we are heading together. Peace be the journey my friend… and thank you!

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  2. I enjoyed reading that the MKMMA has helped you attract new business partners. Now, you can sort and sift the people you want to work with. So nice to see that you’re sharing your vision that gives others hope. Good work!


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