Week 20 – It’s happening

Some great stuff is happening through MKMMA.  One of my desires since 2010 was to have a building that I could use to train business partners.  This has miraculously happened.  My original intent was to purchase a rental building with enough rental income that the attached training room would be free.  Instead, I now have access to a training room that is completely free.  No rentals, no headaches, no tenants.  This is a direct result of MKMMA.  My mastermind partner saw this training facility in a sit.  He saw it in a sit before seeing it in person.  One of his business partners owned this second story room and was not using it.  He graciously allows us to use it free of charge, anytime.  It couldn’t be more perfect.  We have already heard at least a dozen Hero’s Journey’s in this room.  For some of these people it’s been life changing.  I’m still just astonished that something I’ve been planning and searching for, for five years has happened literally overnight.  And better than I could have imagined.  Let that sink in for a minute.  A monumental task taking place overnight.  How deep does this rabbit hole go?  How do I thank Mark, the staff, my guide and mastermind partner?  By living my life cement free and letting my light shine!


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