Weeks 21 and 22 – A warning to others!

Ok so I’m behind again.  I’m writing this not as a red-pencil, but as a rat race junkie who slipped off the wagon.  Perhaps my mistakes can help you stay focused.  It starts as a slow fade.  You miss a sit, you answer the phone before you’ve finished reading the chapter.  I’ll finish after the call.  Another call, someone knocks at the door.  This behavior soon turns to once a day readings, once a week sits.  Pretty soon I’m right back in the old blueprint, running the rat race and hating my life.  My DMP is still on my mind as I perform mundane tasks for other people that don’t care.  Am I a people pleaser?  Why would I help a person move when I want to be working my business?  Well I’ve recognized a couple of MKMMA principles at play.  The first brings us back a few months to the story of the peptides.  As you may recall, Mark shared a story about a guy who hated crowds and long lines, yet everyday he chose the crowded coffee shop instead of the empty coffee shop next door.  He did this subconsciously.   I thought this was a crazy story, but his peptides needed a fix.  I soon saw this exact story play out in my friends life.  Jay leads a very busy life with multiple business’s and four children.  He values his outdoor time very highly.  Often when we schedule an outing together, he has to cancel because of some retarded drama he has going on.  I’m always amazed at how he gets caught up in the stupidest situations because he is a sharp guy who knows better.  After watching the same scenario play out over and over, I now realize that his peptides are getting their fix.  Some how he’s getting back what he’s putting out.  What’s worse is that I now see it in me.  I’m scared to say “no”.  I can easily get caught up with good intentions of helping people, but end up resenting the fact that I haven’t done what’s more important first.  I need to keep the main thing the main thing.  This leads to the second dynamic at play.  Believing the lie that if I just get these few tasks over with, then I will be able to focus in my sit.  As my guide gently pointed out, there will always be more tasks.  The key is to be able to sit in the “mist of”.  So true.  Even as I type this it is a struggle not to answer the never ending texts and phone calls.  But I will.  I don’t like the old blueprint.  Stay the course my friends!!


4 thoughts on “Weeks 21 and 22 – A warning to others!

  1. AWARENESS!!!!! First step is becoming aware, next step is trying to figure out what you are going to do to change it….let go of the banana!!!! Why do we struggle so hard with letting go of the things we do not want???? Live each day as if it is your last….wow….perspective!

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  2. This week’s assignment was awesome for me Rich. One and half days of silence… Turned off phone, no wi-fi, no laptop, no music no distractions whatsoever. All MKMMA tasks and other work done effortlessly… Try it 😊

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  3. Rich, you know where you want to go, what to work on from a business stand point and personal. I read your blog to Tom (my husband), he said, “keep saying what your saying, this guy is a likable guy”! It all sounds so simple, but it takes discipline, massive concentration! If you are not pleased with the “guy in the glass” print your blog out as it is a fun reminder to stay on task! Enjoy, Carol

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  4. Sounds like you are too hard on your Self:-(
    Why would you ever hate your life? it is Yours! YOU got it! YOU got this priviledge of being here, in this world, move, feel, breath, talk, see, hear and all that. Why would you not be grateful for that? How can you even feel hatred over your life and everything you got…?
    To go further we need to first accept what we have and love it, just welcome it as it is, and than create a different event so that we can end up with a different experience and differewnt results.
    Come on! You are having a great time here on earth, face it, give it your love and you will see your life changing right in front of your eyes.:-)
    It is about harmony between our Ego and the Self, not about “kicking our Ego’s ass”. That is not love, sorry…
    Anyway, relax and enjoy your insights and growth.


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