Week 23- All the signs

It continues to amaze me how everything ties together.  If you read my last post, you’ll remember that I had gotten behind.  Catching up is tougher than I thought, but it is worth it.  It starts out as a duty.  Something else that ” I have to do”, but I get sucked in and it becomes like cold, fresh water for my dehydrated soul.  And I drink deeply.  Saturday my son was in a basketball tournament where the winning team continues to play.  Long story short his team kept winning and we stayed until late Sunday night.  I missed the webinar and Monday arrived with all of the usual pressures and demands.  For 3 weeks now I’ve been trying to get away for the extended sit that so many are raving about.  It’s always one thing after another.  I came home late Monday night discouraged about my inability to control my life.  Perhaps I’m that people pleasing controller from week 21.  Anyways I walked into my office to find a package on my desk.  Inside was an encouraging card.  Inside that was a 3 x 5 card with my PPN’s on one side and quotes or life truths on the other side.  I also received a compass and a magnifying glass.  Here are the quotes; ” What you focus on increases”  I realized that I once again was focusing on getting the menial out of the way so I could focus on what’s important.  I was believing the old lie once again.  It was the next two quotes that really got me.  ” We can listen to our Heart’s Desire and Ignore Circumstances or listen to our circumstances and Ignore Heart’s desire.”  It was one of those light bulb moments.  I think it hit me because of its simplicity.  It all comes down to a simple choice.  I went through my list of circumstances.  Most of them fell into the category of “Not my circus, Not my monkey”.  It was freeing.  A circumstance called, needed me right away-  I put him off for two weeks.  It felt great.  I took 6 hours on Tuesday and watched and re-watched the webinars. I carry my cards with me.  I can’t thank the sender of this package enough.  I was more determined to schedule my extended sit.  It is happening next week for sure.  I ended the evening by watching a faith based live stream.  The topic was the importance of the soul.  Another sign.  The speaker explained that restoration is available for our damaged souls.  The best thing you can do for your soul is……..stillness.  Another words an extended sit.  An extended sit with beauty such as nature is even better.  He backed this up with many scriptures, but my favorite was from Psalm 23.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
    He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
    he refreshes my soul.

The speaker asked “Why does it say “he makes me?”  Because in the beginning we are forced into sits for our own good.  As we mature, we schedule the sits.  Another sign that all is right in the universe.  I’m scheduling the sit!


7 thoughts on “Week 23- All the signs

  1. Great catch-up! We cannot assume we don’t have choices, because the truth is- we always do:-)
    It’s a matter of taking responsibility and knowing that you always have the choice.
    What are we responsible for?
    -our feelings, thoughts and emotions
    -our actions and reactions

    What are others responsible for?
    Easy: their thoughts, feelings and actions:-)

    Don’t take someone else’s responsibility on you. That is a powerful lesson:-)

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  2. It’s all about the sit. The quiet time that you can reflect on YOUR circus…YOUR monkey 😉 What you don’t like, you change…do it now do it now do it now. It’s amazing how much cement we can carry on us. I see some gold coming out from you…will you continue chipping?

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