Week – 24 – Pondering Truth

The webinars of weeks 23 and 24 have been so deep for me, that I can’ help but reflect on the truths.  The humility, the courage and the decision to change one’s life.  I see it in others first and then myself.  As Mark has said, most people are exactly where they want to be.  I basically had one client tell me that word for word this week.  My partner and I will tell them word for word what to say to succeed in this business and they will reply; “I’m not comfortable saying that”.  The fact is, most people would rather be comfortable than successful.  I think the idea of comfort is the worse thing to hit the human race.  One client is completely stressed out because she has a doctors appointment every week for four weeks!!  She has no job, but 8 hours a month at a doctors office is all the excuse she needs to not be able to do the business.  The other 672 hours will be “invested” in smoking, face book and TV.  The old wants versus needs.  After her Hero’s Journey she was crying for the better life.  Does she not believe it possible?  Did the Harold not do his job?  Am I getting back from the universe what I have been putting out?  These are some of the questions I hope to have answered in my three day sit this week.  I’m both nervous and excited.  I’ve appreciated all the stories from my fellow MKMMA’ers who have shared profound insights from their sits.  It all comes down to loving others.  That’s the greatest change in me in this course.  I truly love all mankind.  Prior to this class, people like the clients mentioned above would have gotten an earful about how un-coachable they were and every mistake they made in the process.  Now they get love with no red pencil.  It just breaks my heart when people choose comfort over their dreams.  Love to all!


8 thoughts on “Week – 24 – Pondering Truth

  1. Awesome post and inspiring to see you have had a shift of magnificent proportions whether you recognize it or not. I hope your sit will bring you some peace and the answers you seek. I heard once that in this business you have to gain objectivity and I think you have 🙂 It has been a pleasure following you on this journey.

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  2. The search for answers. The search for truth. Being the silent observer with no opinion. The awareness!!! How far have we come, how far do we have to go? While the course may be coming to a close, I think we both know that we are just getting started. Watching the cement chipping off of you and seeing you become golden is such an incredible blessing for me my friend. Ain’t the gold so much more fun?

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