Week 16- Kindness is Everywhere

I fully understand the concept that Mark speaks about with seeing pregnant people everywhere when his daughter became pregnant.  In my own life, I noticed it in vehicles.  My buddy buys a blue Ford pickup and all of a sudden the whole town is driving blue Ford pickups.  Then this course taught me to see the negativity in my own life with the mental diet.  This was followed by the many opinions I have and the opinion of others with my silent observer.  All of these things went from unseen to seen just by being aware.  They were each a real eye opener, but none compared to kindness.  This week was absolutely incredible.  Kindness is rampant!  I saw kindness of epic proportions.  I saw it everywhere I went and multiple times a day.  It was more than I could write down.  It started out slow and just snowballed.  I am once again blown away by this.  This one hit me harder than the others, because it made me reflect on why.  Why haven’t I noticed this before?  I think part of it is what I’ve allowed in my mind.  If I watch the news, what am I watching?  It’s ALL negative.  I could give many more examples, and I’m not picking on the news.  I guess it’s more of a choice everyday of what I’m going to look for.  This week is self control – Yikes!


Week-15-Going back 15 years

It was quite the week.  A couple of weeks ago we were asked to start exercising as part of this class.  It didn’t have to be anything extreme, it could be as simple as a ten minute walk.  To me it was just one more thing I had to do.  Exercising was weaved into my DMP as a smart goal.  It wasn’t something I desired to do, it was just something everyone knows we should do.  So as I dusted off the treadmill for a ten  minute walk, I was surprised at all the memories that came back.  For the last 15 years, I believed a lie that I hated exercising.  I can’t explain this, because the more time I spent on the treadmill, the more memories that came back.  I used to love working out 15 years ago.  In college I had four different gym memberships.  As I built speed on the treadmill my mind was overcome with memories of how I used to be.  I could hear the clanking of weights.  I could smell the gym.  I could taste the protein shakes.  I remembered a much less hectic life with free time and far less responsibility.  Back when I was free to do what I wanted, I chose the gym.  I used to love the feel of the burn.  I was healthier and more confident.  After a few days of these memories, I pulled out my favorite workout book from 1999.  Body for Life by Bill Phillips.  The more I read, the more inspired I became.  Then I ran into an old friend from high school.  He just fulfilled one of his dreams by purchasing a commercial gym and offered me and my son a free one week pass.  Law of attraction????  I can’t tell you how great it was to be back in that saddle again.  My son and I are having incredible life changing conversations as we work out.  I’m sore all over but its a good sore.  My gratitude cards have words like treadmill, weights, and scale.  Who would have guessed?  And yes we are now both full members with big plans to out work each other.  I think the subby did a 180 on me and I’m so grateful.  I’m so excited.  It feels like those “free” days of college again.  Isn’t that what I’m chasing in my DMP?  Thank you Mark!

Week – 14 – It feels Good!

I’ve been behind all through the holidays.  With the exception of a few index cards and the Franklin project, I’m all caught up now and it feels great.  I was distracted several times during the week 13 webinar and had to leave the room.  Boy did I miss a lot!  I re-watched it today and it was very eye opening.  Everything Mark warned about happened.  Being around the people who helped create the old blueprint brings back the old blueprint.  Living by other peoples clocks instead of living by my compass.  I was amazed watching week 13 after the fact.  Amazed at Mark’s knowledge.  It was like he had been watching me for two weeks.  The good part about it, was that I saw it.  I didn’t know how to stop it at the time, but I saw it and have already made changes for next year.  I’m sharing this for anyone who got behind.  It seems overwhelming to catch up, but it really isn’t, and its such great stuff.  Go back and do what you missed or just pick it back up from here.  It’s more than worth it!

Week 13 – Late but done.

I’m late again.  I’ve been sick since Christmas eve and just now getting back on my feet.  Let me tell you about my favorite Christmas present.  My family needs a larger home.  We have our eye on a home in our neighborhood that is in the process of foreclosure.  When I first made my posters for this class, the yellow square says that I will own this home by 6/1/15.  It was a real leap of faith as I don’t have the money and its not even for sale yet.  It got my family excited and held me accountable.  In one of our webinars, the fabulous Davene explained how she brought palm trees into their home as a 3d tangible reminder of her goal.  I couldn’t figure out how to do that for this house until recently.  I went to the home and let myself in.  I took pictures of the interior rooms, pictures of the exterior, pictures of the view, pictures of the pool, pictures of the land, and pictures of my truck parked in the driveway.  Then I got myself a Christmas present.  A coffee cup with a picture of the house on it.  Now every morning I enjoy a coffee while looking at my soon to be house.  I’m linking the smell of the coffee to the house as well.  It’s really great.  I’m also getting some great stuff from the four movies!

Week 12- Yup I missed it

I’m writing this very late, but week 12 was an eye opener.  I haven’t put my finger on it, but the Holidays have a way of taking over my life.  On the positive side I have become the observer.  Me and my family have been out every night except one for over 40 nights in a row.  That one night we were too exhausted to do anything except laundry and cleaning.  All of these events, Christmas concerts, sporting events, etc. were all good on their own, but not having a break makes them too much.  We didn’t watch a single Christmas special together.  No hot chocolate or reading of the Christmas story.  I was constantly thinking of my DMP and a life by design, but I couldn’t make it happen.  We had already committed to too many things.  I am already planning next years Christmas.  It will be restful and by design and many people will hear the word “no”.  Another thing I observed is that all of my extended family could benefit from this course, especially the part about “don’t give an opinion unless asked”!

Week -11 – Even Better

In week ten I felt I had a major breakthrough and it carried me through most of week 11.  My wife’s vehicle AND my vehicle both needed all new brakes, pads and rotors the same week.  What are the odds of that?  The cost was a little over $2000.00 and it depleted the Christmas fund.  I was so proud of myself for constantly repeating ” I love a challenge”  At the time I really meant it and almost surprised my self.  It was working. Didn’t seem to help the wife though.  Later that week the vacuum crapped the bed.  Man, I love a challenge.  Thursday night the weatherman was calling for 2-4″ of fresh snow.  As a landlord, responsible for plowing out my tenants so they can get to work, I decided to wait till morning to install the plow. (“Do it now” would have been the proper response.) You can imagine my surprise to wake up to a foot of snow and it’s still snowing.  It was so kind of each and every tenant to take time out of their busy day to call and check on my well-being.  The first call coming at 4:45 am!  I love a challenge.  I installed the “minute mount” plow in just under two hours.  By now the snow is so deep the tenant parking lots are congested with vehicles in such a way that there is no plowing around them.  I love a challenge.  After an entire day of digging cars out, I finally buried my own, slipping into a fence, denting my quarter panel  and had to hire a tractor to get me out.  Man, I love a challenge even more than I realized.  At my final plow, I was stuck so bad the first tow truck almost flipped over.  The big dual wheels were off the ground and up to my chin.  We’re over 20 inches of snow now.  The ” I love a challenge” affirmation has picked up some expletives on its own.  My new transmission smells really bad so I decide to call it a night.  The following morning has another six inches of snow and my truck has no reverse.  This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  The old blueprint came back.  You see this will be my third transmission this year.  The shop that rebuilt it and has the warranty has gone out of business as the owner went to prison for cooking meth!  You can’t make this stuff up.  I have my truck towed for the third time in 24 hours then have to hire someone else to plow the apartments and my house which was never done to begin with.  I come home to no water.  My well has gone dry.  This has never happened in the 19 years I’ve lived here.  I have no truck to haul water.  I have no plow to get back to my water tank.  I ****** love a challenge.  I convince a 70 year old friend to pick me up and load his tank.  We got stuck 8 times.  His doctor said he can’t shovel.  I doubt that’s true.  He keeps telling me the hose is in one of his 7 outbuildings.  It was in #7 and I had him completely shoveled out before we found it.  Old people are tricky.  We finally arrive at the artesian well in our neighborhood.  Picture a 2″ plastic pipe running from the well, down the ditch and into the culvert of the driveway.  The snow plow has made an 8 foot deep snow bank in the ditch.  My elderly friend decides to go get a coffee while I shovel.  As I dug through the first four feet I felt my left leg drop all the way to the nether regions.  The problem with the one-legger is that the second leg continues to keep running in a circle up on top of the surface.  Apparently the running water below had eroded the base.  I **** ***** ******** challenge.  My friend returned.  As I wrestled with the pipe, it overpowered me and I took an ice cold bath of biblical proportions.  Rather than helping, my friend took great amusement with deep belly laughs while bent over slapping his knee.  He finished by taking pictures with his cell phone.  Did I mention it was 20 degrees outside?  As I regained my composure I was able to hold the pipe long enough to get 300 gallons.  There’s ice on my eye brows and I can’t feel my legs.  As I take off my soaked sweater I find my cell phone in the pocket.  Soaking wet and not working.  I haven’t had a phone since Friday.  Friday night I’m supposed to leave for the last weekend of hunting season.  I sit down to write my blog and at that exact time, the power goes out.  I leave for camp in the wife’s truck.  I forgot all my food and my clothes.  I slipped in a rut on an old logging road and dent my wife’s fender, door and tore off the mirror.  I’ve stopped loving the challenge.

All of the above really happened in week 11.  Lets recap shall we?  Two vehicles need all new brakes, two vehicles wrecked, transmission shot, vacuum kapoot, cell phone gone, well goes dry, and Christmas money depleted.  Here’s the amazing thing: I’m ok.  Week 10 was so powerful for me that all these things seem like such a small story compared to the larger story I found in week 10.  When I’m lying on my deathbed, not one of these things will matter.  On the last night of my hunt, I’m sitting in the woods surrounded by cedars covered in snow and the big soft snow flakes falling, and I was overcome with gratitude.  Thank you God that I didn’t lose anything of value.  Thank you for my wife.  Thank you for my kids.  Thank you for my health.  Now that I’m out of the funk of trying to put out fires, I feel I’m even better.  If I would have had a week like this prior to MKMMA, I would have lost it completely.  Now, I’m even better!

Week 10 – All in

This was an easier week for me.  It seemed like I had more time and the exercises took less time than in the past.  I watched some motivational DVD’s.  Many of the speakers showed clips of them surprising their loved one with gifts.  One guy bought his mother her dream house.  Another gave his father a 2014 Corvette Stingray for his birthday.  Others went around giving random people money.  Others found people who were struggling and helped them.  A single mom of three hadn’t had a single day off in 13 years.  They “hired” her for a day as a house cleaner.  When she arrived at the gorgeous home, it was explained to her that there was going to be a party at the home that night and since most of the cleaning was done, could she taste test for the world renown chef.  She then had an incredible gourmet meal with the finest foods from around the world.  Just as she was finishing the five course desert, the professional massage therapists came in and they needed someone to “warm there hands up” on.  After an hour massage the lady of the home was cleaning out her closet and asked the single mom if she knew anyone she could give the clothes to.  Of course it was all her size and all brand new designer clothing.  They had secretly sent her sister on a shopping spree.  After a complete day of pampering, they gave the single mom an all expense paid vacation for her and her family to an exotic location and gave her the house!  Each child had their own room for the first time. The emotions were raw.  They were “Overwhelmed”.

“Overwhelmed” is a song by Big Daddy Weave that has, well, overwhelmed me.  I heard it on the radio the week that we wrote our press releases.  I play that song in the back ground whenever I read my Press Release.  Ironically it comes on the radio almost every time I get in the truck.  It’s crazy.  This week it was playing softly in the back ground as I watched the DVD’s.  One of the speakers showed an extensive clip of his emotional generosity that was very powerful.  It touched me deeply.  I want to be able to give like that.  Take a minute and imagine that you have everything you want and need and you have a million dollars to give away.  How would you do it and for whom?  How much fun will this be?  How much love and joy? How creative would you be?  The speaker that was so generous went on to say how he had lived broke for years until he finally decided to go “all in”.

He decided he was going all in for 90 days.  His passion was contagious.  His business exploded.  He’s now living the dream life.  His joy comes from the many millionaires he has created.  His up line called him and asked “What’s going on? You’ve never done anything even close to this before.”  His reply: “I’ve never gone all in before”  It ended with the following clip from the movie “Facing the Giants”

So now I’m sitting with just the song playing.  The sit is the hardest part for me, but with the song on loop I sat for over an hour.  I kept pondering questions.  When was the last time I went all in?  I recalled several experiences in my life where I was all in for a small amount of time, but not the long haul.  I had to go back to high school football to remember when I was all in no matter what.  What if I went all in for 90 days with my business?  My thoughts and now emotions are escalating with the tempo of the song.  I see myself passionately making the calls, building the team, leading the people that yearn fore hope.  Pretty  soon tears are running down my face.  The cofounder of the company wants me to speak on stage at our annual convention.  I go all in.  I explain the process and the planning for going all in and how your whole life can change in 90 days.  But that’s when I personally go all in.  I leave my heart on the stage.  This isn’t about a new big screen a fancy car or a huge house.  It’s not even about all the incredible, feel-good giving videos I watched.  It’s about me being who I was created to be.  It’s about you being who you were created to be.  We all bring a piece.  The world desperately needs what our true self offers.  We need each other.  We each have life giving gifts and passions and insights.  There is a master creator who designed you perfectly to offer your gifting.  Your deepest desire is what the world needs most.  It’s not my company or product, that’s just the tool to set others free so they find their true calling/gifting/purpose/bliss.   How many lives would be impacted if I went all in?  The song continues to loop.  The ripple effect is touching generations that haven’t been born yet.  By the end of my speech, I’m on my knees crying.  The crowd is weeping as something has been awakened inside of them.  Dreams that were long ago buried.  New courage and conviction.  A revival breaks out as a wave of love, hope and freedom sweeps across the stadium. God shows up. Nothing else matters.  We do make a difference of Biblical proportions. I’m going all in!!