Week – 24 – Pondering Truth

The webinars of weeks 23 and 24 have been so deep for me, that I can’ help but reflect on the truths.  The humility, the courage and the decision to change one’s life.  I see it in others first and then myself.  As Mark has said, most people are exactly where they want to be.  I basically had one client tell me that word for word this week.  My partner and I will tell them word for word what to say to succeed in this business and they will reply; “I’m not comfortable saying that”.  The fact is, most people would rather be comfortable than successful.  I think the idea of comfort is the worse thing to hit the human race.  One client is completely stressed out because she has a doctors appointment every week for four weeks!!  She has no job, but 8 hours a month at a doctors office is all the excuse she needs to not be able to do the business.  The other 672 hours will be “invested” in smoking, face book and TV.  The old wants versus needs.  After her Hero’s Journey she was crying for the better life.  Does she not believe it possible?  Did the Harold not do his job?  Am I getting back from the universe what I have been putting out?  These are some of the questions I hope to have answered in my three day sit this week.  I’m both nervous and excited.  I’ve appreciated all the stories from my fellow MKMMA’ers who have shared profound insights from their sits.  It all comes down to loving others.  That’s the greatest change in me in this course.  I truly love all mankind.  Prior to this class, people like the clients mentioned above would have gotten an earful about how un-coachable they were and every mistake they made in the process.  Now they get love with no red pencil.  It just breaks my heart when people choose comfort over their dreams.  Love to all!

Week 23- All the signs

It continues to amaze me how everything ties together.  If you read my last post, you’ll remember that I had gotten behind.  Catching up is tougher than I thought, but it is worth it.  It starts out as a duty.  Something else that ” I have to do”, but I get sucked in and it becomes like cold, fresh water for my dehydrated soul.  And I drink deeply.  Saturday my son was in a basketball tournament where the winning team continues to play.  Long story short his team kept winning and we stayed until late Sunday night.  I missed the webinar and Monday arrived with all of the usual pressures and demands.  For 3 weeks now I’ve been trying to get away for the extended sit that so many are raving about.  It’s always one thing after another.  I came home late Monday night discouraged about my inability to control my life.  Perhaps I’m that people pleasing controller from week 21.  Anyways I walked into my office to find a package on my desk.  Inside was an encouraging card.  Inside that was a 3 x 5 card with my PPN’s on one side and quotes or life truths on the other side.  I also received a compass and a magnifying glass.  Here are the quotes; ” What you focus on increases”  I realized that I once again was focusing on getting the menial out of the way so I could focus on what’s important.  I was believing the old lie once again.  It was the next two quotes that really got me.  ” We can listen to our Heart’s Desire and Ignore Circumstances or listen to our circumstances and Ignore Heart’s desire.”  It was one of those light bulb moments.  I think it hit me because of its simplicity.  It all comes down to a simple choice.  I went through my list of circumstances.  Most of them fell into the category of “Not my circus, Not my monkey”.  It was freeing.  A circumstance called, needed me right away-  I put him off for two weeks.  It felt great.  I took 6 hours on Tuesday and watched and re-watched the webinars. I carry my cards with me.  I can’t thank the sender of this package enough.  I was more determined to schedule my extended sit.  It is happening next week for sure.  I ended the evening by watching a faith based live stream.  The topic was the importance of the soul.  Another sign.  The speaker explained that restoration is available for our damaged souls.  The best thing you can do for your soul is……..stillness.  Another words an extended sit.  An extended sit with beauty such as nature is even better.  He backed this up with many scriptures, but my favorite was from Psalm 23.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
    He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
    he refreshes my soul.

The speaker asked “Why does it say “he makes me?”  Because in the beginning we are forced into sits for our own good.  As we mature, we schedule the sits.  Another sign that all is right in the universe.  I’m scheduling the sit!

Weeks 21 and 22 – A warning to others!

Ok so I’m behind again.  I’m writing this not as a red-pencil, but as a rat race junkie who slipped off the wagon.  Perhaps my mistakes can help you stay focused.  It starts as a slow fade.  You miss a sit, you answer the phone before you’ve finished reading the chapter.  I’ll finish after the call.  Another call, someone knocks at the door.  This behavior soon turns to once a day readings, once a week sits.  Pretty soon I’m right back in the old blueprint, running the rat race and hating my life.  My DMP is still on my mind as I perform mundane tasks for other people that don’t care.  Am I a people pleaser?  Why would I help a person move when I want to be working my business?  Well I’ve recognized a couple of MKMMA principles at play.  The first brings us back a few months to the story of the peptides.  As you may recall, Mark shared a story about a guy who hated crowds and long lines, yet everyday he chose the crowded coffee shop instead of the empty coffee shop next door.  He did this subconsciously.   I thought this was a crazy story, but his peptides needed a fix.  I soon saw this exact story play out in my friends life.  Jay leads a very busy life with multiple business’s and four children.  He values his outdoor time very highly.  Often when we schedule an outing together, he has to cancel because of some retarded drama he has going on.  I’m always amazed at how he gets caught up in the stupidest situations because he is a sharp guy who knows better.  After watching the same scenario play out over and over, I now realize that his peptides are getting their fix.  Some how he’s getting back what he’s putting out.  What’s worse is that I now see it in me.  I’m scared to say “no”.  I can easily get caught up with good intentions of helping people, but end up resenting the fact that I haven’t done what’s more important first.  I need to keep the main thing the main thing.  This leads to the second dynamic at play.  Believing the lie that if I just get these few tasks over with, then I will be able to focus in my sit.  As my guide gently pointed out, there will always be more tasks.  The key is to be able to sit in the “mist of”.  So true.  Even as I type this it is a struggle not to answer the never ending texts and phone calls.  But I will.  I don’t like the old blueprint.  Stay the course my friends!!

Week 20 – It’s happening

Some great stuff is happening through MKMMA.  One of my desires since 2010 was to have a building that I could use to train business partners.  This has miraculously happened.  My original intent was to purchase a rental building with enough rental income that the attached training room would be free.  Instead, I now have access to a training room that is completely free.  No rentals, no headaches, no tenants.  This is a direct result of MKMMA.  My mastermind partner saw this training facility in a sit.  He saw it in a sit before seeing it in person.  One of his business partners owned this second story room and was not using it.  He graciously allows us to use it free of charge, anytime.  It couldn’t be more perfect.  We have already heard at least a dozen Hero’s Journey’s in this room.  For some of these people it’s been life changing.  I’m still just astonished that something I’ve been planning and searching for, for five years has happened literally overnight.  And better than I could have imagined.  Let that sink in for a minute.  A monumental task taking place overnight.  How deep does this rabbit hole go?  How do I thank Mark, the staff, my guide and mastermind partner?  By living my life cement free and letting my light shine!

Week 19 – How deep does this rabbit hole go?

I’ve taken the red pill.  I took the red pill spiritually a few years back and it blew me away.  Through the Master Keys I’ve taken the red pill mentally and I’m blown away.  There is no explanation for so much that has happened.  And its happened in spite of me.  I’ve missed sits, I’ve missed readings and my blog is late again.  Yet these concepts are still all coming together.  The rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper.

I had scratched off the line ” I will make 1 call a day for my home based business” from my service card because I wasn’t doing it.  I also eliminated the line ” I workout everyday” for the same reason.  I saw no point in masterminding……..it was just something else I had to do.

This week, 3 new team members joined my business as a direct result of masterminding.  I made the calls and some actually called me.  My one sentence DMP card says ” I attract smart, loyal, ambitious, loving people into my business by the thousands.”  I’ve had 3 call already, and here’s the amazing part……I decided that I didn’t want to work with 2 of them.  This is huge and very freeing.  In the past I would beg anyone.  Now as the silent observer, I was seeing some characteristics that would not be a good fit for my new direction and I was actually grateful to find these things out prior to them joining my team.  This is an entirely opposite view and feeling from the old me.  I know what’s right, what I want, and I won’t compromise.  Everything is completely honest and from the heart.  And people sense it.  They engage in the hero’s journey to the point that 2 of them actually cried.  They sense the love and passion from my masterminding partner and myself and they are choosing to follow us before they even know the company or product.  When we arrive these people are scared, hurting, and feeling trapped into a rat race life style.  When we leave they have hope.  They are dreaming again.  They are making plans for their DMP’s.  It’s an incredible process to watch the transformation.  I feel so blessed to be a part of it.  It feels like I’m on the right track for my DMP.  As I witness such awesomeness, I feel like I’m part of something much larger than myself.  Like the God of the universe has specifically chosen me to carry out this mission on his behalf.  Rescuing others from the enemies lie that this is all their is.  This is life.  Quiet desperation.  It’s like I’m rescuing humanity. To set his children free to be who he created them to be.  Once I accepted this overwhelming purpose for my life, everything else seems to pale in comparison.  When I arrive home from a life changing, generational changing appointment, I’m so pumped and humbled that there is no temptation to watch tv/facebook/etc.  The red pencil has been put down.  Not only have I not missed a day at the gym, I look forward to it and really enjoy my time there.  My mind is at the gym instead of thinking about all the other things I should be doing.  Another miracle for me.

And finally the masterminding.  My partner and I agreed to team up and work together despite the fact that we are not on the same team, just on the same journey.  This again has been mind-blowing.  I could write three pages on the revelations that we have received.  Although we seem like the same kind of guys, he continues to see things that are totally foreign to me and vice versa.  Every time this happens, there’s a twitch in my soul and I instantly recognize truth or a lie that I was believing.  It then moves from the soul to the brain for that light-bulb moment.  He has spent countless hours with my prospects and not one of them realize that he has not one penny to gain.  How do you think they will respond when they realize this fact months down the road?  My partner is in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving.  Give more, get more.  How strong will that lesson be when we explain it to them?  And on that topic,  I find it more difficult to receive.  He has done much more for me than I for him.  I’ve always earned my way and am now accepting this gift and grace to chip off the cement of pride and ego.  I submit myself to go to these difficult places.  I’m all in. I took the red pill.  This rabbit hole is deep!!!!

Week 18 – Reading obituairies

It’s sort of a sad experience.  Reading the death notices of strangers.  First is the staggering difference in ages.  My oldest was 98 and my youngest was 24.  So much life and so little.  Could the 24 year old actually have “lived” more than the 98 year old?  Reading one a day sure puts my life in perspective.  Maybe my problems aren’t so bad after all.  Most of all it stirred up gratitude.  One of my gratitude cards now says ” I’m grateful I’m alive”.  I’m grateful I’m still here to share the dance with those I love.  To take it a step further, I watched a funeral this week.  I took my son to see the movie “American Sniper”.  When I came home I googled “Chris Kyle” to learn more and ended up watching the whole hour video of his funeral.  He lived a full life.  He had highs and lows, but always stayed true to his DMP.  He made a difference in the lives of many people.  I want my life to count.  I want to make a difference too.  This course is making that possible.  We were each born an original, don’t die a copy.  No more quiet desperation.

Another great aspect towards that goal is the masterminding which continues to blow my mind.  It has been such a blessing in my life.  for those who still haven’t found a like minded partner I urge you to keep looking.  The mastermind along with the Go90Grow skills is changing my business and my life.  I can’t recommend them enough.

Week 17 – The power of the Mastermind

Many eye openers this week.  All of the sits, readings and 3×5 cards are starting to pay off.  Allow me to start with a little red pencil.  When the smart goals were introduced, I had a written goal for making a certain number of calls each week for my home business.  I never took the action necessary to achieve those goals.  My reasoning (excuse) was that I wanted to complete Go90Grow first.  After discussing this with my Guide, I decided to leave that smart goal out of my daily reading.  The second red pencil comes from my lack of enthusiasm for master minding.  Not sure why, it just felt like something else I had to do.

The card that I read in the mirror for 50 minutes states “I attract smart, loyal, ambitious, loving people into my business by the thousands”.  Of course it’s the same card that sits on top of the pile that we shuffle.  I keep the pile by computer and read it several times a day.  In the last 2 weeks I’ve had 2 different people contact me about income opportunities.  I repeat, they came to me.  That’s a complete 180 from my past experiences.  This good fortune turned to total panic as I wasn’t sure how to proceed.  A good friend and fellow mkmma’er had been taking the Go90Grow and offered to meet my prospects with me.  He is not on my team and has nothing to gain financially by helping me. (Kindness)  He shared one simple concept from the Hero’s Journey.  I was stunned at the results.  When you ask someone what they want more of in life and what you want less of, prepare to be there for at least two hours.  It was a major game changer.  I saw these two prospects completely change their whole countenance in this process.  Rip Yegerman was able to take them from listing survival items to drawing out their own dmp.  They came alive.  One of them even cried.  He restored hope and faith in places that had long been dead.  It was absolutely amazing to watch.  Rip sincerely took notes on what they were saying and used all his training from Go90.  In both cases, the prospect felt his love and were ready to join the business before they even new what it was!!!  They were ready to go and they didn’t know the company, the product or the plan!!  Are you kidding me?????  What kind of magic is this?

It’s mkmma magic and its unbelievable.  This masterminding thing is huge.  I’ve since been keeping poor Rip up past midnight as we mastermind and I cannot fathom how much I’ve learned/realized in just the last 48 hours.  Rip sees things that are blatantly obvious to him but were completely hidden from me and vice versa.  It has been such a rich and exciting experience. I found out that some of my cement Buddha has come from my own company.  I’ve been putting up sales filters for a long time.  I’m giving myself permission to think on my own and there have been many revelations.  It’s incredible.  Love to all!

I wanted to share another act of kindness I saw this week

Week 16- Kindness is Everywhere

I fully understand the concept that Mark speaks about with seeing pregnant people everywhere when his daughter became pregnant.  In my own life, I noticed it in vehicles.  My buddy buys a blue Ford pickup and all of a sudden the whole town is driving blue Ford pickups.  Then this course taught me to see the negativity in my own life with the mental diet.  This was followed by the many opinions I have and the opinion of others with my silent observer.  All of these things went from unseen to seen just by being aware.  They were each a real eye opener, but none compared to kindness.  This week was absolutely incredible.  Kindness is rampant!  I saw kindness of epic proportions.  I saw it everywhere I went and multiple times a day.  It was more than I could write down.  It started out slow and just snowballed.  I am once again blown away by this.  This one hit me harder than the others, because it made me reflect on why.  Why haven’t I noticed this before?  I think part of it is what I’ve allowed in my mind.  If I watch the news, what am I watching?  It’s ALL negative.  I could give many more examples, and I’m not picking on the news.  I guess it’s more of a choice everyday of what I’m going to look for.  This week is self control – Yikes!

Week-15-Going back 15 years

It was quite the week.  A couple of weeks ago we were asked to start exercising as part of this class.  It didn’t have to be anything extreme, it could be as simple as a ten minute walk.  To me it was just one more thing I had to do.  Exercising was weaved into my DMP as a smart goal.  It wasn’t something I desired to do, it was just something everyone knows we should do.  So as I dusted off the treadmill for a ten  minute walk, I was surprised at all the memories that came back.  For the last 15 years, I believed a lie that I hated exercising.  I can’t explain this, because the more time I spent on the treadmill, the more memories that came back.  I used to love working out 15 years ago.  In college I had four different gym memberships.  As I built speed on the treadmill my mind was overcome with memories of how I used to be.  I could hear the clanking of weights.  I could smell the gym.  I could taste the protein shakes.  I remembered a much less hectic life with free time and far less responsibility.  Back when I was free to do what I wanted, I chose the gym.  I used to love the feel of the burn.  I was healthier and more confident.  After a few days of these memories, I pulled out my favorite workout book from 1999.  Body for Life by Bill Phillips.  The more I read, the more inspired I became.  Then I ran into an old friend from high school.  He just fulfilled one of his dreams by purchasing a commercial gym and offered me and my son a free one week pass.  Law of attraction????  I can’t tell you how great it was to be back in that saddle again.  My son and I are having incredible life changing conversations as we work out.  I’m sore all over but its a good sore.  My gratitude cards have words like treadmill, weights, and scale.  Who would have guessed?  And yes we are now both full members with big plans to out work each other.  I think the subby did a 180 on me and I’m so grateful.  I’m so excited.  It feels like those “free” days of college again.  Isn’t that what I’m chasing in my DMP?  Thank you Mark!

Week – 14 – It feels Good!

I’ve been behind all through the holidays.  With the exception of a few index cards and the Franklin project, I’m all caught up now and it feels great.  I was distracted several times during the week 13 webinar and had to leave the room.  Boy did I miss a lot!  I re-watched it today and it was very eye opening.  Everything Mark warned about happened.  Being around the people who helped create the old blueprint brings back the old blueprint.  Living by other peoples clocks instead of living by my compass.  I was amazed watching week 13 after the fact.  Amazed at Mark’s knowledge.  It was like he had been watching me for two weeks.  The good part about it, was that I saw it.  I didn’t know how to stop it at the time, but I saw it and have already made changes for next year.  I’m sharing this for anyone who got behind.  It seems overwhelming to catch up, but it really isn’t, and its such great stuff.  Go back and do what you missed or just pick it back up from here.  It’s more than worth it!